About Morgan Leigh Photography

MLPCollageWe’ve been helping couples plan their big day and get the most out of their wedding photos for the past decade. Our work has been featured in a variety of well known publications and blogs. Our clientele includes the famous to the everyday couples. Our work spans from Manhattan to the islands of Hawaii. Institutional clients ranging from the University of Utah to the American Heart Association to the Miss Sandy Scholarship Pageant contract with us to shoot their special events.

Our style is often described as emotional and journalistic with an eye for humor and detail. We offer the highest quality albums and lovely art prints. We work with wedding planners in solving problems that may arise. We are exceptionally efficient on group and family shots, wasting no time.

Wedding photography is a curious thing that has as much to do with personality and personal relationships as it does artistic talent. It is most often the relationship that defines great wedding photography.

We’ve spent many thousands of hours with our aggregation of couples and families. We know what works and what doesn’t. Our editing is unparalleled. Putting people at ease and getting the maximum out of their images is an invaluable advantage we offer.

If we’ve done our job right, your wedding day will be a time to celebrate and enjoy the fun. Your wedding day might be the greatest moment you’ll even get to express yourself. Hence, couples prefer to have photos that capture the day as it really looked vs. the boring “posed photos.”

We’ve learned that couples want images that capture their inner beauty as well as outer. They want images that capture the true emotions of the heart, not just their “photo faces.”

Quality is the attribute that maximizes every worthwhile pursuit. Our approach to photography is no different. Our work product will make the images worthy of lovely framed gifts.

We invite you spend a few minutes enjoying our galleries. Our FAQ Section is a quick read and provides must read information to consider as you select a wedding photographer. If you like our galleries and philosophy, we’d love to hear from you. This is all about finding the perfect fit for us both.

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