American Fork Black Tie Photography | Summer & Ken

Date | November 2013

Location | Mt Timpanogos Temple and American Fork

Couple | Summer & Ken

American Fork Black Tie Photography | Morgan Leigh Photography

We planned on photographing Summer and Ken’s black tie at the LDS Mt. Timpanogos temple.  Their wedding date was the beginning of January and you never quite know what you are going to get weather wise here in Utah.  I arrived a little before my couple and found the gates closed.  So what do you do when plan A isn’t going to work?  Roll with it and go to plan B.

We started with their first look, did some shots in outside the gates, and then headed for plan B.  Sometimes things work out for the best and if I’m honest, I think this was one of those times.  We were able to capture some fun and unique shots we couldn’t have gotten at the temple.  I hope you enjoy!

American Fork first look photography

American Fork first look photographyAmerican Fork black tie photographyAmerican Fork black tie photographySummer&KenBlackTie-27Summer&KenBlackTie-31Summer&KenBlackTie-35Summer&KenBlackTie-38Summer&KenBlackTie-44 BWSummer&KenBlackTie-48 BWSummer&KenBlackTie-59 BWSummer&KenBlackTie-60Summer&KenBlackTie-67 BWSummer&KenBlackTie-71Summer&KenBlackTie-72Summer&KenBlackTie-76 BWSummer&KenBlackTie-85Summer&KenBlackTie-88Summer&KenBlackTie-103 BWSummer&KenBlackTie-105Summer&KenBlackTie-121Summer&KenBlackTie-126

If you would like to see more of this couple you can check out their engagement session here.


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