LDS Temple Wedding Photography | Jamie & Adam

Date | December 2013

Couple | Jamie & Adam

LDS Temple | Salt Lake City

Reception Venue | University of Utah Alumni House

LDS Temple Wedding Photography | Morgan Leigh Photography

Jamie and Adam were my last wedding of 2013 and what a beautiful way to end the year.  You never know quite what you are going to get for weather in December.  Jamie and Adam enjoyed beautiful blue skies and enough sun to stop us from freezing.  We still needed to bundle up but with Jamie’s gorgeous fur jacket no one was complaining.  It was the perfect accessory for a winter wedding.

LDS Temple wedding photography

Jamie&AdamWeddingDay-12 BWLDS Temple wedding photography ExitJamie&AdamWeddingDay-31 BWJamie&AdamWeddingDay-44Jamie&AdamWeddingDay-53 BWJamie&AdamWeddingDay-146Jamie&AdamWeddingDay-159Jamie&AdamWeddingDay-166 BWJamie&AdamWeddingDay-189 BWJamie&AdamWeddingDay-181Jamie&AdamWeddingDay-200 BWJamie&AdamWeddingDay-203Jamie&AdamWeddingDay-221Jamie&AdamWeddingDay-233Jamie&AdamWeddingDay-256Jamie&AdamWeddingDay-282Jamie&AdamWeddingDay-305Jamie&AdamWeddingDay-334Jamie&AdamWeddingDay-309Jamie&AdamWeddingDay-362 BWJamie&AdamWeddingDay-353Jamie&AdamWeddingDay-369 BWJamie&AdamWeddingDay-376Jamie&AdamWeddingDay-402Jamie&AdamWeddingDay-405Jamie&AdamWeddingDay-431Jamie&AdamWeddingDay-436 BWJamie&AdamWeddingDay-407Jamie&AdamWeddingDay-430Jamie&AdamWeddingDay-480 BWJamie&AdamWeddingDay-486Jamie&AdamWeddingDay-496 BW

You can view their engagement pictures in Downtown Salt Lake City here.


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