Mt Timpanogos Temple | Kimber & Kyle

Date | November 2013

Couple | Kimber & Kyle

Wedding Location | Mt Timpanogos Temple

Reception Location | Millennial Falls Reception Center

Mt Timpanogos Temple Photographer | Morgan Leigh Photography

I shared this happy couples’ black tie session a couple of weeks ago and now I get to share their wedding day.  It was a beautiful day and the fall colors couldn’t have been any better.  Bright reds and vibrant yellows were the perfect backdrop to shoot against.  You can read a bit of their story here.  It was a long time coming but as Kyle’s Dad said at the reception, “When we (the groom’s parent’s) saw Kimber and Kyle together after he returned home, we knew they would be together.”

Mt. Timpanogos temple exit

Mt Timpanogos Temple exitKyle&KimberWeddingDay-10Kyle&KimberWeddingDay-28 BWKyle&KimberWeddingDay-17Bride & Groom portrait at Mt Timpanogos templeKyle&KimberWeddingDay-103Kyle&KimberWeddingDay-121 BWKyle&KimberWeddingDay-124Kyle&KimberWeddingDay-126Kyle&KimberWeddingDay-145Kyle&KimberWeddingDay-167Kyle&KimberWeddingDay-197 BWKyle&KimberWeddingDay-218Kyle&KimberWeddingDay-221Kyle&KimberWeddingDay-225Kyle&KimberWeddingDay-240Kyle&KimberWeddingDay-373 BWKyle&KimberWeddingDay-375Kyle&KimberWeddingDay-378Kyle&KimberWeddingDay-389 BWKyle&KimberWeddingDay-395Kyle&KimberWeddingDay-396Kyle&KimberWeddingDay-398Kyle&KimberWeddingDay-409 BWKyle&KimberWeddingDay-418 BWKyle&KimberWeddingDay-485


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