Salt Lake LDS Temple Black Tie | Danny & Katelyn

Date | April 2014

Couple | Katelyn & Danny

Location | Salt Lake LDS Temple

Salt Lake LDS Temple Black Tie Photography | Morgan Leigh Photography

Katelyn & Danny got lucky.  There are about two weeks out of the year when all the trees explode with pink and white blossoms.  It is gorgeous and much like the fall colors they seem to be gone before you can really enjoy the beauty.  We timed Katelyn & Danny’s black tie session at the peak of this spring time treat.  It was beautiful evening with a handsome couple.  The bride wore a lace gown and carried a timeless white rose bouquet.

On their wedding day Katelyn mentioned how grateful she was to have done a black tie session.  By the time she and Danny exited the temple Katelyn really didn’t want to spend 1.5-2 hours taking pictures.  It also happened to be maintenance day at the temple grounds and while the trees were green, all the flower beds were being prepped for summer planting.   Translation: no flowers.  So enjoy all the beautiful blooms surrounding one happy couple.



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