Salt Lake Temple Black Tie | Alisa & Jeremy

Date | November 2013

Couple | Alisa & Jeremy

Location | Salt Lake LDS Temple

Salt Lake Temple black tie photographer | Morgan Leigh Photography

The weather in Utah can be unpredictable.  We lucked out and had a wonderful Indian summer/fall.  Alisa & Jeremy scheduled their black tie session for the end of November.  It couldn’t have worked out any better since their wedding day saw temperatures of 20 degrees and snow.

The sky had been mostly overcast all day but the sun popped out for a little bit and gave us some gorgeous light to play with.  It was the perfect compliment to Alisa and Jeremy’s sunny personalities.

Salt Lake Temple black tie first look

Salt Lake Temple black tie first lookAlisa&JeremyBlackTie-5Alisa&JeremyBlackTie-7 BWAlisa&JeremyBlackTie-8Alisa&JeremyBlackTie-13Alisa&JeremyBlackTie-15Alisa&JeremyBlackTie-16 BWAlisa&JeremyBlackTie-24Alisa&JeremyBlackTie-22 BWAlisa&JeremyBlackTie-26Alisa&JeremyBlackTie-31 BWAlisa&JeremyBlackTie-34Alisa&JeremyBlackTie-44Alisa&JeremyBlackTie-50 BWAlisa&JeremyBlackTie-55 BWAlisa&JeremyBlackTie-68Alisa&JeremyBlackTie-64Alisa&JeremyBlackTie-58Alisa&JeremyBlackTie-72Alisa&JeremyBlackTie-75Alisa&JeremyBlackTie-81Alisa&JeremyBlackTie-85Alisa&JeremyBlackTie-86Alisa&JeremyBlackTie-93Alisa&JeremyBlackTie-95 BWAlisa&JeremyBlackTie-102Alisa&JeremyBlackTie-104


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