Utah Wedding Photography: Alexa & Cade Black Tie

Couple: Alexa & Cade

Venue: Utah State Capitol

Utah Wedding Photographers: Morgan Leigh Photography

There are so many wonderful venues and locations to photograph here in Utah.  We really are blessed to have such diversity within a few minutes drive.  Alexa and Cade opted for a classic and timeless location in the Utah State Capitol building, the perfect compliment to their downtown SLC engagement session.   It was so fun to see them all dressed up and check off one more event on their way to down the aisle.  Alexa and Cade came to their session ready to have fun, and relaxed.  They also had a few shots in mind that they really wanted.  With a few details and a little help from Pinterest they had a session that captured their love perfectly.  You can see more of this lovely couple here.

Tip for future brides:  If you happen to pick a popular venue that has been photographed many times I suggest finding a way to make it your own.  This can be as easy as switching up poses or adding props.  The biggest thing to remember is to love your photographers work.  If you don’t love what they are showing on their website or blog chances are you won’t love the images you get back from your session with them.


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