Utah Wedding Photography: Tarah & Ryan

Couple: Tarah & Ryan

Date: 12.31.12

Venue: Homestead Resort Midway

Utah Wedding Photographers: Morgan Leigh Photography

Heading out of the worst of winter allows for the ability to look back at this wedding and enjoy the beauty that winter affords us here in Utah.  Tarah and Ryan married on New Year’s Eve day.  It was a small ceremony filled with family and special details unique to them.  When I talked with Tarah about what she wanted her wedding to look like and what details were most important to her, she told me two things:

1. Snow:  Tarah wanted snow…and that is exactly what she got.  The Homestead Resort was covered in a blanket of white that added to the magical feel of a wedding.  There was a slight breeze at times that kicked up snow and made the whole scene glitter.

2. Pictures:  I couldn’t control the snow, thankfully we had plenty but pictures were right in my wheel-house.  Tarah & Ryan were wonderful to work with.  Pictures were important to Tarah and she was willing to do whatever to get the shot; including trudging through 12 inches of snow.  We didn’t make this a habit but for the few shots we did get it was well worth it. 


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