Utah Wedding Photography: Taryn Bridals

Bride: Taryn

Location: Temple Square, Salt Lake City

Utah Wedding Photographer: Morgan Leigh Photography

Sometimes a girl just needs to put on her wedding dress and have an entire photo shoot dedicated to her.  Something that is kept a surprise in today’s world where the groom knows most if not all of the details of the wedding.

Taryn was a wonderful bride to work with, she was relaxed and even laughed at my jokes (What did the digital clock say to his mom?  Look ma no hands!).  Most of all she had faith.  A little birdie told me that all Taryn really wanted from her bridal session was outdoors and flowers.  The flowers part was easy the outdoors part not so much.  It rained all day and looked like we wouldn’t be able to much outside.  About 10 minutes before we were to start the rain stopped, the clouds parted, and the sun came out.  This girl knows how to control the weather.  I wonder if she would give me her secret.

Thank you to Veronica who assisted me on this shoot.


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