You Are Beautiful!

If you read or remember nothing else know this: You are beautiful!  This video popped up in my FB news feed a couple days ago.  I have since seen it many times from friends posting about the message and effect it had on them as women. I’m a little slow to the party but wanted to share here on the blog.

I often get told I get to photograph the most beautiful brides and I couldn’t agree more.  What most don’t know is just how beautiful my brides are inside and out.  As a photographer it is part of my job to show you just how beautiful you are.  Weather a bride, sister, daughter, mother, wife or friend if you leave your session with me feeling more beautiful than when you came I have done my job.  If you look at your pictures and think, “She really captured me and my personality,” I have done my job.  It is perhaps the thing I love most about photography, getting to show women just how beautiful they are.


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